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Linux VPN

Florida Atlantic University VPN for Linux For Linux, the Juniper Network Connect client has been deprecated VPN connectivity can be accomplished through use of the Pulse Secure Client for Linux. Currently only Centos/RHEL and Debian/Ubuntu flavors of Linux are supported by the

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Create SLURM launchers for Koko is a convenience utility that automates creating a launcher for FAU clusters based on parameters (and commands) you give it. This tool and most of the following document is based on posts created at TACC. ( outputs a

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Home Directories Beta

Koko’s home directories are accessible from most FAU networks (except dorms and wireless) via Microsoft Windows File Share. To connect connect to the Koko Data Transfer nodes from Explorer or the Start Menu. If prompted for a user name and

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We are happy to report that we are working on deploying Perfsonar nodes to aide in the measurement of network metrics. The following test nodes are currently online and being developed. ( (

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Ansys is installed on KoKo and may be accessed using the latest ansys module. The module will detect group membership and point users at the most correct license server. At this time only College of Engineering and Computer Science students

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LAMMPS may be run by loading the lmp_openmpi module and the openmpi/gcc module module load openmpi/gcc/64/1.10.1 gcc/5.2.0 lammps/30Mar18 # change 40 to the number of threads. We recommend multiples of 20 salloc -n 40 # where is your input script,

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Warning: Boca campus WiFi users should use rather than This is due to an network issue that is being investigated. X2Go enables users to access a graphical desktop over low or high bandwidth connections. It provides a remote desktop

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GNU APL is installed to KoKo and may be loaded using the module command. module load gnu/apl

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R has been installed to KoKo and may be loaded using the modules command. module load R

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FAU Slurm Queues

We provide several queues for submitting HPC. All compute nodes have been updated to Scientific Linux 7 and the partition/queue names have been changed to reflect this. shortq7 Minimum of 1 process Maximum of 30 nodes Maximum run time 2 hours

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