Submitting Jobs

  1. Upload your job to your KoKo home directory using Globus, Filezilla or SCP.
  2. Create a script named {JOBNAME}.sh to start your job containing the following:
    #SBATCH – – partition=shortq7
    #SBATCH – – ntasks=1
    #SBATCH – – mem-per-cpu=1024
    #SBATCH – – ntasks-per-node=1
    # Load modules, if needed, run staging tasks, etc… Koko Software Modules
    # Execute the task
  3. Please adjust partition (queue), application to execute, memory, tasks and the heap sizes as needed.
    1. You can print a list of queues with the sinfo command
  4. Run chmod +x {JOBNAME}.sh to make the job executable.
  5. Submit the job using the sbatch command.     sbatch {JOBNAME}.sh

For more information regarding SLURM see the manuals and their quick start guide.

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