OpenFOAM Tutorials

To use the built in tutorials for OpenFOAM:

  1. Load the OpenFOAM/4.1 module with the command “module load OpenFOAM/4.1”
  2. Create a folder named “OpenFOAM” in your HOME directory using the command “mkdir $HOME/OpenFOAM”
  3. Create the environment variable $FOAM_RUN with the command “FOAM_RUN=$HOME/OpenFOAM/”
  4. Change to the new FOAM_RUN directory using the command “cd $FOAM_RUN” and use the tutorial guide found here. All of section 2 of the online guide is dedicated to tutorials on OpenFOAM.

Note: Please do not run any of the tutorials on the head node, please allocate nodes using the procedure found here. Jobs run on the head node are subject to immediate termination due to the performance issues and loss of connectivity experienced by all HPC users.

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