Comsol 5.2 is available to all College of Engineering Faculty and Students. To use Comsol, please use the following:

  1. Connect to via Remote Desktop or ssh with x11 forwarding as show here.
  2. Open a terminal session.
  3. ssh to the localhost, to enable X11 forwarding. (notice the spaces)
    ssh localhost -Y
  4. Load the comsol module and CUDA 9.0 module with the commands
    module load comsol/5.2

    and optionally; do not use this when testing.

    # New Cluster:
    module load cuda-10.0.130-gcc-8.3.0-t6gcqrf
    # Old Cluster:
    module load cuda90/toolkit/9.0.176
  5. Allocate resources via SLURM and open Comsol with the command:
    srun -p <partion> --gres=gpu:1 -c <number of CPUs needed> --x11 --pty comsol
    1. -p specifies the partition requested, for GPU resources use the parameters ‘-p <partition> –gres=gpu:1’. This will specify the use of one GPU accelerator.
      1. For the partitions, please see the available ones here
    2. -c specifies the number of CPU cores needed for CPU computing.
  1. When the job is complete, close the application and terminal session to deallocate resources for other users.
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