Intel Compilers

To use any of the available Intel Compilers, please use the following procedure:

  1. Load the appropriate Intel Compiler module ‘module load intel/compiler/64/<version>’. The versions currently available are 14 (2013), 2015u1, and 2017u1. To see a list of all available Intel modules, please use the command ‘module avail intel’.
  2. Please verify if you have a checked out license, also called a “borrowed” license, with the command ‘lmutil lmborrow -status’.
    1. If no license have been checked out, the previous command will simply return: lmutil – Copyright (c) 1989-2015 Flexera Software LLC. All Rights Reserved. If this happens continue to the next step. If a license has been checked out, you will see something similar to this: INTEL Comp-CL 26-Feb-17 11:59.
    2. If there are no checked out licenses or all the checked out licenses are in use, please reserve another license with the command ‘lmutil lmborrow INTEL 26-Feb-2017 12:00’ replacing the day, month, and year with appropriate entries. The licenses have a maximum checkout time of 7 days, if you attempt to go over this time limit, you will not receive an error but a license will not be reserved. This can be verified with the above command ‘lmutil lmborrow -status’ after a compilation has been attempted.
  3. Proceed with using the Intel compiler, pushing the compile job to a compute node with srun, sbatch, or salloc. If you attempt to compile on the login node of Koko, your compilation will likely be terminated by HPC admin staff due to the degradation in performance for all HPC users. Please be considerate of your fellow HPC users.
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