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Sample SBATCH script

Jobs can be submitted to Koko through two methods, SRUN and SBATCH scripts. We have listed a few sample SBATCH scripts to assist users in building their own scripts to submit jobs. Please see our website here for partition information.

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Matlab Individual Installation Instructions

Downloading the MATLAB installer: Log into the MathWorks website here. Select ‘Get started today’ under the Download MATLAB section. Login with your FAU NetID and password. If you have a MathWorks account, click ‘Log In’ under the Log in to

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Matlab Installation and Licensing

WARNING: This guide is not intended for student or individual installations of Matlab. Please refer to the MathWorks website here for installation instructions for students or individual systems. To install Matlab on your Windows or Linux system, please use the

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Koko Desktop Environments

Koko has 3 Desktop Environments available. MATE and Openbox. MATE is based on Gnome, the previous Desktop Environment for Koko. It looks and works in much the same was as the previous Desktop for Koko. Openbox is a very streamlined

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Changing SAS preference

Making the Linux SAS 9.4 Program Editor behave in a similar way to the Windows Program Editor requires a few steps Start SAS using the guide found here. Change the Program Editor to add new lines after the Return/Enter key

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To load SAS 9.4 on Koko, please use the following directions: Connect to Koko via SSH with X11 forwarding, X2Go, or RDP. Instructions found here. Allocate resources using SLURM and start SAS 9.4. salloc -p longq7 squeue ssh <node> –x11

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Tensorflow utilizing GPU or CPU computation is available on Koko. Partition information can be found here. Please use these instructions for allocating resources: GPU Allocate resources with the command salloc -p <partition> –gres=gpu The gres:gpu number indicates how many GPUs you’d like

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Connecting to Koko with PuTTY

These instructions indicate that you should connect to “”. Please use “” instead. [embeddoc url=”” download=”all” viewer=”google”]

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KoKo 3.0 ( Several versions of Matlab are available on Koko. To check which versions are available, please use the command ‘module avail matlab’ in a terminal on Koko. To use Matlab, please use the following commands: If you wish

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Intel Compilers

To use any of the available Intel Compilers, please use the following procedure: Load the appropriate Intel Compiler module ‘module load intel/compiler/64/<version>’. The versions currently available are 14 (2013), 2015u1, and 2017u1. To see a list of all available Intel

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