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Cluster Connections

OIT is working to improve connection reliability to the HPC cluster. Starting in Fall 2020 all connections to the HPC cluster will be balanced through a cluster of load balancers. The load balancers as the name imply balancer user requests

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Fastqc is a quality control tool for high throughput sequence data. It may be started from a remote desktop session on using the following terminal commands. Batch Job: Create a file named and paste the following into it.

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OVirt Remote Viewer

Users of Ovirt may wish to utilize the Remote Viewer as it provided improved usability. The following page provides instructions for several operating systems. Windows: Install Mac OS: Install homebrew the missing package manager for Mac OS X. (

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Password Sync

If you have changed your NETID password you will need to sync it up by visiting This tool will push the password to any Research Computing systems that you have access to.

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Running RStudio

RStudio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for R. It includes a console, syntax highlighting editor that supports direct code execution, as well as tools for plotting, debugging, history and workspace management. For more information see RStudio webpage. To run RStudio, first open

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Miniconda (small anaconda)

For researchers who have Python or R package requirements beyond the common packages (e.g. Numby, Scipy, Pandas, BioConda, R) we recommend using Anaconda. Using Anaconda’s package manager allows the creation and management of packages and environments. Using conda you can

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Running Jupyter with SciKit-learn

For more information on Scikit check out ( First start your Jupyter server using the short process: Open Click “Login” Click “Login to Jupyter” Enter your username and password. Click “Login” Click “New Server” Click “New” -> “Terminal” Enter

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Linux VPN

Florida Atlantic University VPN for Linux For Linux, the Juniper Network Connect client has been deprecated VPN connectivity can be accomplished through use of the Pulse Secure Client for Linux. Currently only Centos/RHEL and Debian/Ubuntu flavors of Linux are supported by the

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Sample SBATCH script

Jobs can be submitted to Koko through two methods, SRUN and SBATCH scripts. We have listed a few sample SBATCH scripts to assist users in building their own scripts to submit jobs. Please see our website here for partition information.

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Matlab Individual Installation Instructions

Downloading the MATLAB installer: Log into the MathWorks website here. Select ‘Get started today’ under the Download MATLAB section. Login with your FAU NetID and password. If you have a MathWorks account, click ‘Log In’ under the Log in to

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