• How do I get started?
    • The first step is to request an HPC account to access FAU’s research cluster, Koko.  Further details on how to get started are available on our Getting Started page here.
  • How do I request access to HPC?
    • Access can be requested from the FAU Helpdesk by submitting a ticket here, include your FAU NetID in the request.
  • How do I access Koko?
    • To access Koko you have 2 options to choose from:  SSH and X2Go.  More information on how to access Koko can be found here.
  • How do I request support?
    • Please submit a ticket of your issue, being as detailed as possible, here and an HPC Administrator will contact you.
  • How do I request hardware/software installation for?
    • Research Hardware for the HPC cluster can be requested by submitting a ticket here.
    • Research Software for the HPC cluster can be requested by submitting a ticket  here.   *The software can be installed in your home directory many times without root/admin permissions.
  • How do I transfer files?
    • Details on how to transfer files are available here.
  • Software:  Python
    • How do I choose the right python module?
      • Several versions of python are available from Anaconda on the Koko as modules.  To check which versions are available, in Koko please use the command:
        module avail anaconda

        Anaconda2 utilizes Python 2 and Anaconda3 utilizes Python 3. Load the anaconda version using the modules command:

        module load anaconda/anaconda(2/3)/<version>
    • How do I create my own custom Python environment?
      • Instructions on how to create your own custom Python virtual environment can be found here.

*For more information please refer to the Python documentation here.

  • Software:   Ansys
    • Information on Ansys is available here.

*Refer to the Ansys resource library for more information.

  • Software:  MatLab
    • Information on Matlab is available here.

*For more information refer to the Matlab documentation here.

  • Software:  HPCC

*Refer to the HPCC documentation and user manual here for more information.

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