Keygen for koko-login

  1. To generate a key pair use PuTTY’s generation tool called “PuTTYgen”
  2. Once Launched make sure RSA is selected in the bottom left, then click “Generate”
  3. Move your mouse around the blank area near the progress bar to add randomness to the key
  4. Enter a keyphrase and confirm it (not necessary but recommended)
  5. Click “Save private key” and save it
  6. Click “Save public key” (recommended)
  7. Copy the whole Public key on the top of the generator
  8. Open
  9. login
  10. Click the tab “Interactive Apps” and select “KoKo 3 Desktop”
  11. Uncheck “Exclusive access to node?” (will spawn the node faster)
  12. Click “Launch”
  13. Once started click “Launch KoKo 3 Desktop”
  14. Click the tab “Applications” and select “Terminal Emulator”
  15. Type cd .ssh
  16. Use the editor of your choice (vi, vim, nano) and edit authorized_keys ex. vi authorized_keys (do not to delete anything in this file)
  17. paste the copied public key at the end of the file and save it.

For FileZilla 

  1. Launch FileZilla
  2. Open “Site Manager” (top left underneath “File)
  3. Create a new site
  4. Set the “Protocol” to “SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol”
  5. Set the “Host” to
  6. Set the “Port” to 22
  7. Set the “Logon Type” to “Key file”
  8. Set “User” to your FAU netid
  9. Set the “Key file” to the path you saved your private key
  10. click ok
  11. You can now connect to koko-login through the site manager

For X2Go 

  1. For existing/previous connections click “session preferences”
  2. Under “Use RSA/DSA key for ssh connection” enter the path to your private key

For PuTTY 

  1. Launch PuTTY and load your saved session
  2. Under “Category” expand “SSH” and click “Auth”
  3. under “Private key file for authentication” enter the path to your private key
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