REDCap is a secure Research Electronic Data Capture service provided by the Office of Information Technology (OIT). Sponsored by the Division of Research REDCap provides electronic data capture services to researchers, faculty, employees and students.

Access to REDCap is currently provided through the use of a FAUNet ID and 2Factor authentication.

Frequently Asked Questions


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Use Guidelines

Human Subject Research

Studies requiring IRB approval will typically need to submit data collection instrumentation as part of the approval process. We encourage users planning on using REDCap to design their instruments prior to requesting IRB approval as instrumentation changes typically do require re-authorization.

If a study meets the requirements for IRB review and approval such approval must be granted prior to the research project being published in REDCap. It is the responsibility to the researcher to obtain any and all approvals.

Extremely Large Samples

REDCap @ FAU like most services offered by the Research Computing team is fairly scalable. Based on the design of the application we anticipate that the current system is capable of serving 500 to 1,000 form submissions per minute. If you plan on surveying a sampling of more then 10,000 individual users please contact Given 24 business hours notice we can typically scale the system to support much larger sample sizes.