How to run Fluent interactively

  • Before we begin, log into Koko via your favorite method with either a GUI or x11 forwarding, please click here for details.
  • Open a terminal session.
  • Load the Ansys module with “module load ansys”.
  • Check how many licenses are available with the command “ansyscheck”.
  • Allocate resources and start Fluent:
    •  srun -n <number> --x11 --pty fluent-srun<version if applicable>.sh 
      • Please click here for a list of common SLURM srun parameters and how they work.
    • Fluent will open interactively so you can run your tasks.
  • When complete, close Fluent and sign out of Koko to de-allocate resources.

Note: The versions of the fluent-srun command may be located in /cm/shared/apps/ansys/bin/slurm.

They include:

  • 2D Double Precesion:
  • 3D Double Precesion:
  • 2D Single Precesion:
  • 3D Single Precesion:
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