Upload Button

When you want to set up a dynamic control that will determine the minimum number of files that needs to be uploaded.

Situation: the minimum number of files that needs to be uploaded changes depending on the amount of users on a team.

For this, we are recalling a number control that asks for the user to enter the amount of members on their team (headCount_ctrl). This control will be used in the rule to dynamically change the upload requirement depending on what the user enters.

To set up a rule with minimum file requirement, the maximum # of files needs to be set first. You can set this up manually in the properties window in Max # box.

//you first need a trigger to set off the rule
//trigger:  when the form loads
if (form.load){
  //the minimum # of files uploaded needs to equal the amount entered in the headcount control
  Upload_Ctrl_name.minFiles = headCount_ctrl.value;
**Note: This example is coming from a flow where the headcount control is originally on a different page from upload control. By duplicating the headcount control to the page where the upload control is, we are able to pull the headcount data from the other page to use as our comparison in our rule.