X2Go enables users to access a graphical desktop over low or high bandwidth connections. It provides a remote desktop solution tunneled over SSH supporting file and printer sharing.

We recommend that users install the latest version of X2Go by downloading it from x2go.org.

The latest version should be installed.

Windows: Installation requires administrator permissions and some users have experienced issues with some Anti Virus software.

Connecting to KoKo-Login:

  1. Start the X2Client software and click the New Session button as shown.
  2. Specify “koko-login.fau.edu” in the host field and choose your Desktop Environment of choice under Session type. Your options are listed here with examples:
  3. Click the connection to start it.
  4. Enter your username and password.
  5. Enjoy the remote desktop connectivity.

X2GO SSH login without Password

You can configure your X2GO session to login to Koko without prompting you for your password by using a pair of keys.   The instructions on how to set this up can be found here.

File sharing to KoKo:

File sharing from Windows to X2Go.

  1. In your Session preferences window, click on the Shared folders tab on the right.File sharing window
  2. Click the folder icon to search for the folder you wish to share. Once it is in the Path: section, click Add on the right.Share folder add
  3. Once the folder is displayed, check the Automount box. Your final Shared folders tab should look similar to this.Final shared folders
  4. Press OK and start your session. You should be able to find your shared folder in your home directory> media>disk.File output
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